366 Papers Log

#365papers is an excellent hashtag that makes scientists remember to take a break and read other people’s amazing work. And 2016 has an extra day in it! So this is a log of all the papers that I read this year.

This’ll probably just be a list for me to look back on – but it might turn into something more. Thanks to the super Kirsty MacLeod (https://twitter.com/kirstyjean) for turning me onto this, and Lauren Drogos (https://twitter.com/LDrogosPhD) for making me think keeping a record of all the papers was probably a good idea!

  1. (Need to catch up!)
  2. (Need to catch up!)
  3. (Need to catch up!)
  4. Booth Schuett (2015) The emerging phylogenetic pattern of parthenogenesis in snakes. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/bij.12744/epdf
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