British Science Association’s Festival of Science

Just a wee post to showcase some of the stuff that I wrote up from the BSA’s British Science festival. The festival itself was amazing and utterly convinced me of the benefits these sorts of events have to the public that attend them. Perhaps it was a little bit annoying the venue was out of Aberdeen’s city centre, but the old town’s university campus was nice – equal parts Cambridge and Disney.

Anyway, have a read!

Surgical abortion pre-term risk

Water voles wander across ‘fragmented’ Scottish habitat

Brian Cox: science cash hike “a wise gamble” (with my fellow media fellow, Jonathan Ball)

Race to save Alaskan Arctic archaeology

And a little bonus (not from the festival) Fossil records ‘crab’ death march 

And here’s a little picture of this year’s media fellows with some famous dude.

Nick Crumpton Brian Cox Media Fellow
I have a beard. Coxy doesn’t.

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