BBC News witterings

Nick Crumpton Dinosaur
The only day I got a dinosaur story, I was wearing this. Dressed for success, I think you’ll agree.

So I realised I never blogged what I wrote over at the BBC News Science and Environment desk over the past few weeks…

So if anyone’s interested, here’s some readin’

GPS sheep tracking supports 40-year-old theory 

Coating heals itself after damage

Early rodents add evidence for Earth’s first grasslands 

Termites’ crystal backpacks help them go out with a bang (million hitter, that one)

The virtual cell that simulates life 

‘Earliest’ evidence of modern human culture found 

Mangrove conservation is ‘economic’ CO2 fix (Thanks to Freya Roberts at for her quotes on that one)

Geography helps solve dinosaur evolution puzzle

High flying technology to map Peru ruins

Archaeologists claim objects are earliest ‘matches’

Stressed men drawn to heavy women (not my finest moment, ref The Guardian but another million hitter – but I’d like to draw attention to the last 2 paragraphs… although people never really read past the first two or three paragraphs…)

Sleep deprived birds have more chicks (was a bit terrified about the theme of my stories after writing this… but it could have been worse)

Migrating geese avoid offshore wind farms, says study (which a new BBC series super series were chasing up last week)

‘Severe abnormalities’ found in Fukushima butterflies (totally my finest moment, I mean, I broke this story, the next day it was everywhere. That made me very happy.

Although the trolling from Japanese workers put me on guard. Some mean internet guys said “we do not know, [sic] what kind of dopes get to write articles for the BBC”. Guys. That’s MEAN!

And, err, wow… Just found Fox news reported it from their BREAKING NEWS desk… two days after I wrote it. And using quotes that I got. Good work, Fox news. Gooooood work.

Anyway, more to come on BBC Radio 4 and the BBC World service in the next couple of weeks and then some more stories from the British Science Festival up in Aberdeen (which is going to be a hell of a train ride).

P.s. Found out Jerry Coyne blogged about our sloth inner ear paper. How nice is that?


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