Film: Bioblitz

BioblitzSo this was the film Alex and I made at this year’s Bioblitz for Bluesci that got picked up by I figured it’d be a good idea to run down a little about what we used to make it.

We filmed it over 24 hours and the bird song you hear at the start was recorded on a portable Zoom recorder (and directional Sennheiser mic borrowed from someone in the zoology dept. here in Cambridge) at 3.30 AM.

Everything was filmed using our dSLRs: the canon EOS 600D and 60D. We used pretty bog standard lenses apart from the night shots, for which we used canon’s incredible (and super cheap) EF 50mm f/1.8

We used a very flat picture style (though not technicolor’s – if doing again now I would) and then picked out the ambient colours and crunched the blacks in Premier Pro in post-production.

The lenses (apart from the 50mm) were IS, so that helped but everything was filmed hand held as it was sort of done on the fly. All focusing was manual, as was ISO setting, and we recorded everything at 50 fps with pretty high shutter speeds, but produced it at 25 (so we could get those really smooth slow motions sequences).

The type was hand drawn. We wanted type that said science (hence the rigidity of the lines) but amateur (hence hand drawn). Originally drawn on graph paper, I traced onto plain paper, scanned at 600dpi, then inverted and arranged in photoshop.

The bat calls were recorded onto the Zoom at about 11.00 PM after my bat walk (nothing flashy, just the Batbox Duet Bat Recorder). I’m pretty sure it’s a soprano pipistrelle, but the duet isn’t great for isolating out those sub-species.

Anyway, it was an awesome day and we’re happy the film got picked up. Thanks for watching!


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